Building better communities
Keeping families whole

Family Support strives to put unity in community by serving the critical needs of Alabamians with developmental disabilities in south Alabama. We support individuals with disabilities and their families so they may continue to live in their community, enjoying meaningful relationships with friends and family.

Family Support is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that unites Alabamians with disabilities, their families and supporters.

To us, “assistance” means doing whatever it takes to help children and adults with disabilities live their life to the fullest. Whether it’s providing information and referrals, making home modifications, donating food and clothing or providing therapy, prescription drugs, utilities assistance, childcare or special holiday help. It is our goal to help keep families whole and build better communities where Alabamians with disabilities may fully participate community life.

The amount of assistance we can provide to others is only limited by our available funds, so please consider making a contribution to Family Support today—even a little money can go a long way toward making someone’s life better.