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Tracie's Story

The Visiting Nurse Association was treating a 21 year old,Tracie (not her real name), for chronic infections of her feet.  Tracie had Spina Bifida and since her wheelchair would not fit through the doorways in her home she was getting down on the floor and dragging herself from one room to another. This caused repeated injuries to her feet.  She asked the Mobile Area Community Support Council to help with modifications to her house so she could take her wheelchair from room to room.  She was in a job training program but was missing many classes due to her medical condition.

Many individuals and organizations came together to help this family.  Visiting Nurses painted her bedroom, Mobile Rug and Shade donated new flooring, and the Mobile Area Council’s Susan Polizzi and her brother-in-law repaired the under flooring and installed the new vinyl floorcovering.  Lowe’s donated custom built wider doors and installed them.  A volunteer group from Brown & Root Engineering built a new front porch, and the youth from Mission Fuge helped with the exterior of the house.

The youth from Mission Fuge came with their truck full of tools and began to work on the yard and the exterior of the house.  After termite damage was discovered, new boards were purchased, broken windows were replaced, and the painting began.

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Saying Goodbye!