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Our Mission

To enhance the lives of Alabamians with disabilities and their families.

Our Vision

Families caring for a member with a disability face many conditions that reduce their quality of life.  Isolation from the community resulting from caregiving responsibilities, financial hardships, lack of supports, and limited accessibility within the community, to name a few,  make a difficult situation even more challenging.

Family Support envisions a day when every family receives the respect and support that will allow them to stay together, fully participate in community life, and share in the opportunities that can lead to a secure, quality lifestyle.  This will enhance the lives of Alabamians with disabilities and their families and make Alabama’s communities stronger.

Our Goals

  • Help keep families together
  • Address the unmet needs
  • Improve the quality of supports
  • Reduce the demands for institutional care
  • Create stronger communities by promoting full participation in community life

Our Core Values

  • Focus on the whole family
  • Treat assistance seekers with dignity
  • Respect family culture
  • Encourage seeking help from all sources
  • Make our help easy to access

Our Beliefs

We believe that children, regardless of disabilities, need families and enduring relationships with adults in a nurturing home environment.  As with all children, children with disabilities need families and family relationships to develop to their fullest potential.

We believe that adults with developmental disabilities should be afforded the opportunity to live in homes of their own choice and in their own communities, where they can exercise their full rights and responsibilities as citizens.

We believe that people with disabilities and their families are best able to determine their own needs, and should be empowered to make decisions concerning necessary, desirable and appropriate services.

We believe that supports must be provided in ways that build on existing social networks and natural sources of support, that strengthen the capacity and the integrity of the family, and that can accommodate unique needs.